"Who are we?"

7AV Hotels is a hotel chain born in Tangier, Morocco. Our experience of over 10 years serving our clients in the most beautiful destinations attests to the company's main objective: the well-being of its guests.

We work every day to continue offering the best facilities and exclusive services in our hotels located in different cities across Morocco. All of these establishments offer a guarantee of quality and a level of service that will truly transform your holidays into unique experiences.

7AV Hotels also offers a new loyalty program. As a reward for your loyalty, you will receive a card that identifies you as a privileged guest. Sign up for the 7AV Hotels program and start enjoying exclusive benefits and discounts today. Contact us at info@7avhotels.com to request your loyalty card.

We love being close to our customers. Therefore, we share the best moments on our social networks. Join us and share your experiences with us!